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June 3rd, 2008

Georgia Gorges On Black Dick.

ir georgia 003 Georgia Gorges On Black Dick.ir georgia 005 Georgia Gorges On Black Dick.

All of Georgia’s boyfriends had always told her that she gave the best head they had ever gotten. She loved to suck a guy’s cock until his eyes rolled back in his head and he covered her lips and tongue with their stick goodness. But Georgia had only ever blown white guys. She was very surprised when she first blew a black man.

Georgia’s new boyfriend was a tall, well-built black guy with an enormous cock. Georgia was such a tiny girl she was a little scared to take on this new, huge cock. But one night, after several cocktails and a lot of persuading, Georgia got on her knees and opened her pink mouth.

Her boyfriend stuck his enormous black prick between Georgia’s pink lips and she gasped at the size. But as she began to bob her head up and down over his huge throbbing shaft, Georgia started to really enjoy having his cock make her open her mouth wider and wider, and she began to deep-throat his prick. But she wanted more: she wanted to feel that gigantic rod buried between her other pink lips.

Georgia pulled her skirt up and revealed her naked pink pussy. Her boyfriend took the opportunity to roll Georgia over on her hands and knees and take her from behind. Georgia screamed when he entered her; he pushed into her cunt and slowly thrust deeper and deeper, stretching that snatch wider than Georgia thought it could go. As he thrust faster, Georgia felt the head of the black dick hit her spot, and she came all over his cock, covering the black prick with her white cream.

When he was ready, her boyfriend pulled his cock out of Georgia’s pussy and drove it into her asshole. She screamed again, but immediately came with the final thrust as he ejected his hot load of white cum from his black cock deep in her white ass

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June 1st, 2008

Teenage Cheerleaders Swap Man-goo

 092807 Teenage Cheerleaders Swap Man goo

CUM SWAPPING CHEERLEADERS – These two hot and horny teen babes met up with this lucky fucker while they were practicing their routine in the back yard. He stuffed their teenie cunts with his man meat, let them suck him off one by one and then shot his load into this ones mouth. As soon as he was done pumping his man-goo on to her tongue, she reached over and and let it all dribble into her little teen whore friend’s mouth so they could both enjoy the salty goodness. Check out the Adult Site Review and see what others have to say about Cum Swapping Cheerleaders!

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