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February 28th, 2008

Melissa Plays With Her Monster Dildo.

sp melissa 003 Melissa Plays With Her Monster Dildo. sp melissa 005 Melissa Plays With Her Monster Dildo.

As Melissa turned on the music to start cleaning her apartment, she realized that she was a bit horny. The thumping bass of the hard rock she loved made her insides quiver and she began to feel her pussy throb in time with the beat.

She didn’t want to clean anyways, but her friend was coming over in a few hours and she didn’t want the place to look messy. But then again, she did have a few hours.

Dancing around to the music, Melissa began to rock her hips. Dressed in a tight striped top with white heels, she began to shake her ass in the air and feel her small, but perky tits. She loved the way her body looked and she began to admire herself as she continued to dance.

Removing her light pink thong, she licked her fingers and began to finger her pussy. First one finger, then another, she began to let the sensations take her mind away from cleaning and she began to picture the rock star singer fucking her in the back of the tour bus.

Melissa expertly fingered her clit, finding all of the right rhythms and rocking to the music as well as to her orgasm. But it was the monster cock dildo that would finally take her over the edge.

Her friends had laughed when she’d bought it in the store, but Melissa knew that it was just the right size for her twat. She loved a huge cock, and it slid in easily after she sucked on it, still keeping in mind the rock star.

Finally cumming, Melissa sank into the couch, exhausted. When the phone rang, she could barely answer.

“I’m not going to be able to come over,” her friend said.

Staring at the glistening dildo, Melissa smiled.

“Oh, that’s okay, something came up for me too.”

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February 26th, 2008

Meriah Strips Off Her Lime Green Bikini

60 Meriah Strips Off Her Lime Green BikiniIf your looking for stunning babes and uber hot chicks than Digi Dolls is the place you want to check out. Digi Dolls is loaded with tons of sexy babes posing with some of the sexiest outfits and most of the time nothing at all.

Here we have Meriah showing off her sexy tight body in green. She takes her time in teasing us outside. Her beautiful fat tits bounce out slowly and she fondles them as we drool. So join Digi Dolls today and see all these hotties getting naughty for you.

Digi Dolls Sample Gallery

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February 24th, 2008

Victoria Strips And Spreads Her Pussy

56 Victoria Strips And Spreads Her PussyVictoria Redd will be the one who will fulfill your wildest fantasies and deepest darkest pleasures. Victoria Redd love both men and women. Anyway, kissing, sucking and licking is all what she wanted for real romance and romantic passion!

Victoria just sizzles. It doesn’t matter what she has on she is on fire. Today she shows us how hot it can be as her shaved pussy gets drilled by a golden dildo out by the beach. Join Victoria Redd’s Official Site Today!!!

Victoria Redd Sample Gallery

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February 23rd, 2008

Niki Castro’s Huge Naturals

b1 1 Niki Castros Huge Naturals

36 HH Cup Niki Castro is a new discovery! Niki is a married, prim and proper mom, who has never, ever done porn before, let alone cheat on her husband before.

Niki a sexy Cuban babe has lived in harsh condition under the Fidel Castro regime, so Incredible Pass took it upon itself to liberate Niki and her giant natural knockers into the world of porn!


February 22nd, 2008

Vanessa Lynn And Her Special Fetish

ir vanessalynn 003 Vanessa Lynn And Her Special Fetish ir vanessalynn 005 Vanessa Lynn And Her Special Fetish

Lots of girls love cock. And Vanessa Lynn is no exception. But Vanessa loves a special kind of cock: she loves huge, black cock. Vanessa won’t settle for a small white prick fucking her tight little cunt hole. She always wants the biggest, blackest dick she can find to stretch her cunt wide and make it hurt as much as it makes her cum.

Vanessa’s boyfriend, Eric, is a big black man who has one of the biggest dicks Vanessa has ever seen. She is always shocked at the size of his rod every time she pulls it out of his pants. When she opens his jeans and frees the enormous monster dick from his pants, she greedily slips it into her mouth and sucks him off. She loves tasting his big black prick and letting it penetrate her pink lips. She licks him with her pink tongue and rubs his big black balls until he thinks he is going to pop in her mouth.

Then Vanessa takes Eric’s dick out of her mouth and puts that cock to good use. She lets Eric sit down on the bed and she sits on his lap. She opens her legs as wide as she can to let his prick have perfect access to her slippery wet cunt. Vanessa holds her pussy lips apart as Eric shoves his rod into her cunt. The first pump into her snatch hurts as it opens her hole, then each thrust after that makes Vanessa come closer to orgasm.

Vanessa lets Eric pound his dick as deep into her snatch hole as he can go. Soon he can get every inch into her twat, and as he pushes deeper, he hits her g-spot over and over. All that pounding sent Vanessa over the edge and she released her cum all over Eric’s huge prick. The Eric pulls his dick out of Vanessa’s hole and squirts his sticky cum all over her face.

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February 18th, 2008

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February 16th, 2008

Slim Temptress Emmy

blog01 Slim Temptress Emmy

This babe can’t be sexier than she is now.. her name is Emmy. She’s got a great body and a sexy look in her eyes! And she’s one the fresh faces in the members area of nubiles.net.

blog02 Slim Temptress Emmy

Emmy is such a terrific babe posing for you right in her bedroom, visit her members area and check out the picture when she expose her tight stripe panty and show her nice ass just for us, and when she slowly takes it off, it gets even hotter, do you want to see this?

blog03 Slim Temptress Emmy

Then what are you waiting for, go and give this nubile babe some of your attention, visit nubiles.net.

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February 14th, 2008


291012O1164293473 Boobiesgirly

sexy, jummy, eatable …able and so smiley, a wonderful smile to make your day happy. Millions of sweet stuff inside me for u

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February 12th, 2008

Tiffany’s Natual Lug Nuts

ym tiffany 003 Tiffanys Natual Lug Nuts ym tiffany 005 Tiffanys Natual Lug Nuts

Tiffany was sitting on a bench when a modeling agent approached her. After much discussion and convincing, Tiffany went with the “agent” to his studio. Once she was there, the “agent” started pulling Tiffany’s clothes off. Since it was nude modeling, she wasn’t surprised. As her big titties popped out of her top, Tiffany started to feel nervous, but then the agent did something to help her relax.

Once he had pulled Tiffany’s panties down and she was completely naked, the agent spread Tiffany’s thighs and began to lick her cunt. Tiffany was surprised at this, but as his tongue lapped up her pussy juices, she began to enjoy the attention. Soon, Tiffany was wriggling around on the couch, and a few seconds later she was flooding the agent’s mouth with her creamy pussy cum. Then Tiffany sat up and grabbed the agent’s cock. She stuck it in her mouth and started to suck him up and down, letting his prick slid easily in and out of her mouth. She licked and teased the tip of his cock until he couldn’t wait to stick his hard cock deep in her young cunt.

Tiffany got on her hands and knees and the agent spread Tiffany’s ass cheeks. Tiffany knew she wasn’t a model now: she was a porn star. As the agent began to penetrate Tiffany’s cunt, she moaned; he was hard and huge, and it took a few minutes before he could completely penetrate her little snatch hole. Once he was inside her, he started pumping away at her wet pussy, watching her little hole open with his girth. Tiffany moaned louder and louder, finally screaming as an orgasm ripped through her body and dripped from her pussy. After her cunt stopped quivering, the agent pulled his prick from her dripping hole and squirted, aiming his load right from Tiffany’s pretty young face.

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February 10th, 2008


287525O1187327396 Xsweetgirl4ux

*school girl detention(18+) party*i am very sexy girl with fantastic body and amasing face !!!

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