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February 22nd, 2008

Vanessa Lynn And Her Special Fetish

ir vanessalynn 003 Vanessa Lynn And Her Special Fetish ir vanessalynn 005 Vanessa Lynn And Her Special Fetish

Lots of girls love cock. And Vanessa Lynn is no exception. But Vanessa loves a special kind of cock: she loves huge, black cock. Vanessa won’t settle for a small white prick fucking her tight little cunt hole. She always wants the biggest, blackest dick she can find to stretch her cunt wide and make it hurt as much as it makes her cum.

Vanessa’s boyfriend, Eric, is a big black man who has one of the biggest dicks Vanessa has ever seen. She is always shocked at the size of his rod every time she pulls it out of his pants. When she opens his jeans and frees the enormous monster dick from his pants, she greedily slips it into her mouth and sucks him off. She loves tasting his big black prick and letting it penetrate her pink lips. She licks him with her pink tongue and rubs his big black balls until he thinks he is going to pop in her mouth.

Then Vanessa takes Eric’s dick out of her mouth and puts that cock to good use. She lets Eric sit down on the bed and she sits on his lap. She opens her legs as wide as she can to let his prick have perfect access to her slippery wet cunt. Vanessa holds her pussy lips apart as Eric shoves his rod into her cunt. The first pump into her snatch hurts as it opens her hole, then each thrust after that makes Vanessa come closer to orgasm.

Vanessa lets Eric pound his dick as deep into her snatch hole as he can go. Soon he can get every inch into her twat, and as he pushes deeper, he hits her g-spot over and over. All that pounding sent Vanessa over the edge and she released her cum all over Eric’s huge prick. The Eric pulls his dick out of Vanessa’s hole and squirts his sticky cum all over her face.

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