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February 12th, 2008

Tiffany’s Natual Lug Nuts

ym tiffany 003 Tiffanys Natual Lug Nuts ym tiffany 005 Tiffanys Natual Lug Nuts

Tiffany was sitting on a bench when a modeling agent approached her. After much discussion and convincing, Tiffany went with the “agent” to his studio. Once she was there, the “agent” started pulling Tiffany’s clothes off. Since it was nude modeling, she wasn’t surprised. As her big titties popped out of her top, Tiffany started to feel nervous, but then the agent did something to help her relax.

Once he had pulled Tiffany’s panties down and she was completely naked, the agent spread Tiffany’s thighs and began to lick her cunt. Tiffany was surprised at this, but as his tongue lapped up her pussy juices, she began to enjoy the attention. Soon, Tiffany was wriggling around on the couch, and a few seconds later she was flooding the agent’s mouth with her creamy pussy cum. Then Tiffany sat up and grabbed the agent’s cock. She stuck it in her mouth and started to suck him up and down, letting his prick slid easily in and out of her mouth. She licked and teased the tip of his cock until he couldn’t wait to stick his hard cock deep in her young cunt.

Tiffany got on her hands and knees and the agent spread Tiffany’s ass cheeks. Tiffany knew she wasn’t a model now: she was a porn star. As the agent began to penetrate Tiffany’s cunt, she moaned; he was hard and huge, and it took a few minutes before he could completely penetrate her little snatch hole. Once he was inside her, he started pumping away at her wet pussy, watching her little hole open with his girth. Tiffany moaned louder and louder, finally screaming as an orgasm ripped through her body and dripped from her pussy. After her cunt stopped quivering, the agent pulled his prick from her dripping hole and squirted, aiming his load right from Tiffany’s pretty young face.

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