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January 17th, 2008

Micah On The Movie Screen

micah 049 Micah On The Movie Screen micah 028 Micah On The Movie Screen

Micah had never had sex on camera before the independent porno studio found her. She had been minding her own business, walking down the beach in her tiny string bikini when a studio executive asked her if she wanted to be in a movie. Of course, like all 18 year old hotties, Micah immediately said yes, and the executive drove her to the studio.

Once she was there, Micah met her partner, Hamilton. Hamilton was a tall, well-built young man, and when he saw the young piece of ass he was going to fuck, he got rock hard. Micah decided to give him a little taste, so she pulled her bikini top aside and showed off her perfect tiny tits. Hamilton squeezed Micah’s nipples and then reached down the front of her bikini bottoms to stroke her twat. He was thrilled to find a wet, bald pussy waiting for him.

Micah slipped her bikini bottoms to the ground so Hamilton could get between her naked thighs. She spread her legs for him and he buried his face into her sweet fresh cunt. Hamilton drove his fingers deep inside Micah’s snatch and found her g-spot. He massaged her spot and licked at her swollen clit until Micah began to writhe on the ground in ecstasy. As she was about to cum, Hamilton pulled his fingers out of her twat and shoved his cock into her warm, wet hole.

He began pumping his huge dick into Micah’s perfect teenage pussy. Spreading her open as far as he could, Hamilton pulled his cock from Micah’s cunt and inserted it into her virgin ass. Micah moaned and came again, covering Hamilton’s hammering cock. Hamilton grabbed Micah’s hips and rammed his dick home, finally letting himself go; he squirted his white creamy load inside Micah’s young tight ass.

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